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Binding artificial grass? There’s a Techtex product for that!

Posted on 9th Oct, 2014 in Nonwovens by John Smith Tags:

sports tape for artificial grass

The market for artificial grass is continuing to grow. Whilst it may have only been used professionally – on football pitches and sporting grounds initially – the modern homeowner has now too developed a love affair with the safe, practical, low maintenance option of artificial grass.

Addressing issues of poor turf

The popularity of artificial turf wasn’t always the case. In the early 1970s, artificial turf came under scrutiny due to safety and quality concerns. Some installations began to deteriorate. The turf would wear too quickly, seams would come apart, and the top layer would soon degrade from exposure to sunlight. Athletes and team doctors began to complain about the artificial surfaces, and blamed the turf for friction burns and blisters. However, by the 1990’s artificial grass began to make a comeback and professional materials to ensure the turf’s safety and durability were introduced.

Experts in fabric use

With functionality, durability and safety mind, Techtex decided to use our fabric knowledge to develop a product that would make artificial grass even easier to work with. Something that was not only suited to domestic properties, but something that would have the professional strength and durability to last on sporting grounds.

The result? Our grass binder – it’s essentially a sports tape used to bind the artificial grass together ensuring a seamless finish. On the outset, this product may sound simple enough but there were a few challenges we had to overcome to ensure the tape performed its best.

The science behind our work

The fabric we created had to be water repellent on one side – to ensure the durability of the bind and long lasting professional finish – yet porous enough to let a glue key into it so that two pieces of astro turf or artificial grass could be bound together. As you probably already know by now, the team at Techtex love a good challenge and embraced this one like any other – resulting in a product used widely by professional businesses and homeowners to give their artificial lawn that perfect, professional touch.

Multi-use textiles – perfect for the great outdoors

The sports tape isn’t the only product we’ve produced for landscaping and horticulture needs. We’ve also produced a wide range of helpful products for the avid gardener who prefers working with the natural stuff right through to the business that’s main priority is keeping their artificial landscape look great. We have garden fabrics, which reduce the growth of weeds, keep the ground moist and ensure growth of health plants; and building and DIY plastics to protect plants and turf against the seasonal elements.

Want to find out more?

For further information, give us a call on 0161 643 3000. We’ll be able to advise on product cost and share on tips on how to use the tape.

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