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Boost your business with Techtex private labelling

Posted on 4th Sep, 2014 in Wet wipes by John Smith Tags:

Private Labelling Service

Looking to provide your clients and customers with something useful, unique and of the highest quality? The private labelling service from Techtex gives your company the opportunity to grow its brand and increase sales by putting your stamp on our trustworthy, market leading wipes.

Staying on top of your game by producing effective products is important. But producing them and keeping in the loop with new scientific advances is not always easy when you’re running a business that produces a wide range of products.

Introduce a new product line with ease

We make it easy for you at Techtex. All our products can be re-branded with your company name, logo, contact details, making the product personal to your organisation. Whether your company specialises in healthcare, cleaning products, or something entirely different, our cleanroom wipes and range of multi use wet wipes are a way to increase revenue for your business. With our private labelling, you’ll be able to have all the benefits and revenue from introducing a new line, without the hard work of developing it yourself. In fact, the Techtex private labelling service deals with all the hard work for you – right from production to delivery. We can deliver your chosen products direct to a site of your choice with your own delivery paperwork.

Top products your brand can benefit from

Cleanroom wipes

These are just one of the products you can have branded to your organisation. The Clinitex Cleanroom range includes sterile and non-sterile wet and dry wipes, in various formats. By supplying you with both the fabric and liquid, you’ll be able share the benefit of the low pricing we achieve through our economies of scale.

Skin cleaning wipes

These wet wipes are enriched with a pH-balanced formula to provide a thorough and comfortable clean both at home or in clinical settings. With added emollients to promote healthy, moisturised skin, the dermatologically tested wipes are designed to be soothing, hypoallergenic and are suitable for regular use.

Hand sanitising wipes

With bugs speading like wildfire in healthcare organisations and offices, the hand sanitising wipe is an essential part in keeping organisations healthy. The wipes are effective against 99.9% of bacteria.

Maxi wipes range

This range is perfect for the industrial sector. It features a Heavy Duty Wipe, suitable for stripping deeply ingrained dirt, grease, sealants and paints from hands, hard surfaces and tools; a Sugar Soap Wipe, to clean down painted surfaces in preparation for treatment, staining or repainting; Trade Wipes, to more gently remove dirt, grease, soil and clay from hands and gardening tools, and Glass Wipes, for that perfect gleam on glass, granite and stainless steel surfaces.

Techtex – a brand you can trust

By working with Techtex, you’ll be working with one of the largest suppliers of healthcare and industrial fabrics in the country. We produce many wet wipes and industrial wet wipes found on the high street and retail sheds – so you can be confident in what we have to provide.

To enquire about our Private Label service, why not get in touch? You can give us a call today on 0161 643 3000 or drop up an enquiry via our online enquire form here.

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