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Category: Wet wipes

REVIEW: Clinitex Hard Surface Alcohol Disinfectant Wipes

Posted on 13th Jan, 2015 in Wet wipes by John Smith Tags:

Alcohol wipes

A clean environment is fundamental to good patient care. Clean equipment and surfaces help to prevent the spread of infection and give patients and employees peace of mind.

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REVIEW: Alcohol free wipes – Clinitex Target

Posted on 8th Jan, 2015 in Wet wipes by John Smith Tags:

Clinitex Target alcohol free wipes

It’s time for another review here on the Techtex blog, and today we’re taking a look at one of our speciality surface wipes – Clinitex Target.

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How quickly bacteria can spread

Posted on 16th Oct, 2014 in Wet wipes by John Smith Tags:

Hand gels

Bacteria are among the fastest reproducing organisms in the world, doubling every 4 to 20 minutes. The organisms can grow and divide at a surprisingly rapid rate, increasing risk for those who come in contact with spaces in which there has been bacteria.

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REVIEW: Clinitex alcohol wipes

Posted on 25th Sep, 2014 in Wet wipes by John Smith Tags:

Alcohol wipes

When it comes to fighting superbugs, alcohol wipes are a top way of keeping your workplace and environment clean and resistant to bugs that like to linger around. Environments like care homes, hospitals, laboratories and schools are breeding grounds for bacterial like MRSA, E-Coli, Salmonella, Typhimurium, Listeria Monocytogenes and Staphyloccus Aureus.

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Review: Janitorial wipes

Posted on 18th Sep, 2014 in Wet wipes by John Smith Tags:

janitorial wipes

Keeping health care environments, or in fact any workplace environment clean is of uttermost importance. That’s why we at Techtex have a range of solutions to enhance the safety and health of all workers and individuals who come into contact with your environment.

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Boost your business with Techtex private labelling

Posted on 4th Sep, 2014 in Wet wipes by John Smith Tags:

Private Labelling Service

Looking to provide your clients and customers with something useful, unique and of the highest quality? The private labelling service from Techtex gives your company the opportunity to grow its brand and increase sales by putting your stamp on our trustworthy, market leading wipes.

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Clinitex Detergent Wipes: ideal for your quick clean

Posted on 24th Jul, 2014 in Wet wipes by John Smith Tags:

Detergent Wipes

In the spotlight this week is a range of products from our Techtex Wipes and Healthcare range: we’re taking a look at Clinitex Detergent Wipes, available in six handy varieties.

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Need maximum clean? Try Clinitex Maxi wipes

Posted on 16th Jul, 2014 in Wet wipes by John Smith Tags:

clinitex maxi wipes

Here at Techtex, we’ve developed a wide range of industrial fabrics and wipes designed to make life easier for businesses. This week, we’re taking a closer look at our Clinitex Maxi Wipes – perfect for keeping you and your work environment clean in even the messiest industries!

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Make the moist of our Clinitex® R302 flushaway wipes!

Posted on 27th Jun, 2014 in Wet wipes by John Smith Tags:

R302 Flushaway wet wipes

It’s time to take a closer look at another one of our great products: this time, we’re getting up close and personal with the R302 moist flushaway wipes – a multi-purpose wipe from our Clinitex® range that’s a popular pick with a wide variety of healthcare professionals.

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Go for a clean sweep with our R300 skin cleansing wipes

Posted on 12th Jun, 2014 in Wet wipes by John Smith Tags:

R300 Skin Cleansing wet wipes

Here at Techtex, we’re leaders in manufacturing a range of wipes. This week on the blog, we’re taking a closer look at the R300 Skin Cleansing Wipes from our Clinitex® range. Read on to find out more about these cost-effective, quality wipes.

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