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Clinitex Bibs, Aprons and Protective Clothing

Posted on 19th Dec, 2014 in Healthcare by John Smith Tags:

Bibs and Aprons

Techtex Wipes and Healthcare provide a range of Clinitex bibs, aprons, sacks and bin liners, wash mitts and drawsheets for use by healthcare professionals. Famous for quality, ease of use and resilience, Clinitex products are one of the UK’s leading and most popular hygiene ranges.

Disposable Bibs and Aprons

Designed for medical or dental use, Clinitex disposable aprons and bibs are made from quality raw material making them extremely durable and long-lasting. Ensuring hygiene by effectively preventing dust or fluids from transferring to skin or clothing, they are also almost completely lint free.

Universal fittings meaning they fit easily over uniforms and clothing, Clinitex bibs and aprons are designed to be comfortable as well as functional. They are available in blue and white to suit your needs and preferences. As making do with inadequate safety equipment can be dangerous as well as inconvenient, apron sizes are customisable to ensure that all your staff have a properly fitting apron.

In the healthcare industry, safety is paramount and keeping medical staff protected when caring for patients is vital. Clinitex aprons are lightweight but tough enough to allow the wearer freedom of movement so that staff can get on with their job without worrying about their apron.

It’s also essential to eliminate the spread of germs, infection or fluids between patients by using a new apron for each patient or task. Clinitex disposable aprons and bibs are a cost-effective solution to the need to constantly supply new protective wear for your staff. You can also buy packs of aprons in various quantities to suit your needs.


Clinitex drawsheets are a safe, comfortable protection for beds that can be changed or replaced quickly and easily allowing patients to be moved with the minimum of fuss. They’re simple to use and made from high quality material that provides that highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

Sacks and Bin Liners

Techtex Wipes and Healthcare understand that disposal sacks (red) and bin liners (white) need to strike a balance between being light enough for staff to manage whilst on the go but strong enough to mean they won’t tear or stretch when full.

Wash Mitts

Clinitex nonwoven wash mitts are of the highest quality. Strong enough to protect the wearer’s hands, durable enough to last and soft enough to ensure patient comfort.

At Techtex Wipes and Healthcare, we pride ourselves on creating high performing and innovative products for healthcare professionals. Formulated with the clinical workplace in mind, our range of Clinitex products never compromise on safety, ease of use, convenience and reliability whilst also providing a cost-effective solution to maintaining the highest possible hygiene standards.

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