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Clinitex Detergent Wipes: ideal for your quick clean

Posted on 24th Jul, 2014 in Wet wipes by John Smith Tags:

Detergent Wipes

In the spotlight this week is a range of products from our Techtex Wipes and Healthcare range: we’re taking a look at Clinitex Detergent Wipes, available in six handy varieties.

What are Clinitex Detergent Wipes used for?

Working in the healthcare industry can be a hectic business. There’s always plenty to do, but healthcare professionals will know that letting stringent hygiene standards slip – even just for a moment – can have disastrous consequences.

With the risk of cross-contamination ever present, Clinitex Detergent Wipes are a quick and easy way to clean down surfaces prior to disinfection. These alcohol- and disinfectant-free wipes are disposable, minimising the risk of transferring bacteria from one surface to another.

Featuring a carefully developed pH neutral formula, Clinitex Detergent Wipes are gentle on the hands but powerful enough to remove dirt from hard surfaces, making them a safe and hygienic alternative to damp dusters and cloths. And, instead of needing to be thrown in the sluice and laundered separately, Clinitex Detergent Wipes are simply thrown away after use.

Clinitex Detergent Wipes: available in six handy varieties

R514 Multi Surface Wipes:

This bucket of multi surface wet wipes is ideal for larger healthcare establishments like care homes and hospitals that require frequent and widespread cleansing. Suitable for use on hard-surfaces as a damp duster, the R514 Multi Surface Wipes are equally ideal for wiping down equipment and furniture prior to disinfection.

R515 and R516 Multi Surface Wipes:

These smaller packs of our Clinitex Detergent Wipes are a useful alternative to the larger bucket, and can be stationed around your premises to provide a swift and thorough clean where needed.

Ideal for use on bed rails, trolleys, lockers, mattresses and furniture, the R515 and R516 varieties of our Clinitex® Detergent Wipes are easy to tuck away in the corner of a cupboard, ready to use whenever the need strikes.

R517 Maceratable Multi Surface Wipes:

The R517 is the maceratable variety of our Clinitex Detergent Wipes. Rather than being thrown away, these thick, pre-moistened wipes can be disposed of in the macerator along with other single-use materials, ensuring safe and environmentally-friendly destruction.

R518 Multi Surface Wipes:

As well as our bucket and resealable packs, Clinitex Detergent Wipes are available in our convenient patented dispenser bag: ideal for those busy times where a quick clean is priority one. Simply grab one of the thick wet wipes from the dispenser, wipe down, then throw away.

R519 Multi Surface Wipes:

Refill your bumper bucket of Clinitex Detergent Wipes in an eco-friendly way – with the R519 refill bag. Containing 300 wipes each, these generously sized refill packs enable to keep your stocks up with minimum waste and no extra hassle.

Trust Techtex to keep your business clean

Techtex Wipes and Healthcare is a corporate member of the Infection Prevention Society. We take the risk of cross-contamination very seriously, and our products are carefully developed with our customers’ stringent hygiene procedures in mind.

Find out more about our Clinitex Detergent Wipes or contact Techtex Wipes and Healthcare today on 0161 643 3000 to discover how our products can help keep your business clean.

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