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Deliver exceptional hygiene with Clinitex foams

Posted on 10th Dec, 2014 in Foams by John Smith

clinitex foam

As one of Britain’s favourite and most widely used healthcare brands, Clinitex formulate products that deliver exceptional hygiene as well as comfort.

We have a wide range of products available to the healthcare sector but two that come highly recommended are our foams and wipes, which are renowned for their quality and effectiveness.

Today on the blog we’ll be taking a closer look at Clinitex Skin Cleansing Foam, designed specifically for gentle and effective personal care.

What is Clinitex Skin Cleansing Foam?

Clinitex Foam conditions the skin while cleansing it, giving you a complete personal cleansing solution that’s suitable for the most sensitive of skin. It’s pH balanced and alcohol, lanolin and paraben free guaranteeing its suitability for all patients.

The emollient skin cleansing foam is lightly fragranced and ideal for use on patients with urinary or faecal incontinence. The anti-bacterial and deodorising properties in Clinitex Foam help to make a patient feel fresh and clean in no time and make the process of care more comfortable for staff too.

When applied, the foam can be spread easily to provide good coverage and can be wiped away easily, with Clinitex Dry Patient Wipes, while moisturising the skin. When compared to its predecessor, soap, Clinitex Foam provides much more favourable results.

The problem with soap

Traditional soaps and hand washes contain alkalis, which can damage the skin’s moisture barrier and lead to severely dry, itchy skin. Clinitex Skin Cleansing Foam is dermatologically tested and minimises irritation to the skin.


Clinitex Skin Cleansing Foam contains emollients designed specifically to sooth, soften and condition the skin. Many traditional soaps can leave skin dry and prone to irritation. However, Clinitex Foam prevents dry skin in two main ways:

  • Created without traditional soaps, alcohol or other skin-irritating ingredients, Clinitex Foam has a gentle formulation that cleanses without stripping moisture from the skin.
  • Clinitex Foam includes emollient ingredients, which actively restore the skin’s moisture levels and prevent dryness from developing even after multiple washes.

Clinitex Skin Cleansing Foam is the ideal choice for healthcare workers and patients and offers a number of fantastic benefits, from protection against nasty bacteria to guaranteeing irritation-free skin.

The foams can also be used in combination with our Clinitex Dry Patient wipes. Together, the products provide the perfect cleansing solution for both patients and carer.

For more information about Clinitex Skin Cleansing Foams and our Clinitex Dry Patient Wipes, visit the website.

Contact us today to discover how Techtex Wipes & Healthcare can help provide your business with market leading hygiene solutions and help keep employees and customers safe from germs and bacteria.


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