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Keep your food environment clean with Techtex Clinitex wipes

Posted on 22nd Jan, 2015 in Sanitising by John Smith Tags:

clinitex food processing wipes

In any food processing environment there is a need to keep things clean, to ensure optimum hygiene as well as meet health and safety regulations. Failure to do so often has catastrophic consequences, which not only affect staff, but can also lead to high commercial costs should there be an infection / cleanliness related incident.

Food industry wipes, designed by Techtex

Choosing good quality products to ensure your brand keeps the good name you’ve worked hard for is made easy with Techtex Wipes and Healthcare. Our range of Clinitex wipes have been developed for a large number of purposes and for a wide range of food industries – from small catering firms and restaurants to household brand names.

What’s more, they’ve been tested against food poisoning bacteria and other diseases too, giving you the peace of mind that your kitchen or production line is a clean and safe as possible.

Our Clinitex Surface Safe sanitising wipes have been developed specifically for the food industry. Available in two sizes – R505 a bucket of 500 wipes or R506 a bucket of 1000 wipes – the wipes have been designed to disinfect any hard surfaces and equipment that requires rapid and effective infection control.

To stay in line with food hygiene guidelines, the wipes come in a bright blue colour, ensuring their presence is noted and removed should they be left lying around the workplace.

R505 - food processing sanitising wipes


R506 - food processing sanitising wipes


Why Clinitex Surface Safe sanitising wipes?

The wipes feature a number of qualities that make them an attractive option on the market:

  • They’re strong and resilient, ensuring you can give surfaces or tools, such as probes, a good clean without tearing them
  • They’ve been developed with the optimum solution of ethanol and a low level biocide. Combined, these chemicals help to ensure the wipes are effective against a wide range of bacteria
  • They’ve been independently tested in accordance with the European standard EN1276, which measures the quality of chemical disinfectants
  • They offer high levels of convenience as the wipes are available in compact packaging, soaked in the appropriate solution ready for use
  • They’re consistently clean and absorbent, preventing the danger of wiping on, rather than wiping off any contaminants. As long as you remember to use a clean wipe every time you clean a new surface there is no need to worry about cross contamination.

If you have any further questions about our food processing wipes do give us a call on 0161 643 3000

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