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Maceratable washcloths from a wipes manufacturer you can trust

Posted on 21st May, 2014 in Wet wipes by John Smith

Maceratable washcloths

Healthcare organisations are under ever-increasing pressure to improve the levels of hygiene on their premises. This aim, while a vital one, isn’t easy to achieve without the right products to hand.

This week on the Techtex blog, we’re taking a closer look at one of our most popular healthcare products. The Clinitex® R104 washcloth from our Clinitex® professional care range is designed specifically to improve the level of infection control at your organisation while still delivering the same high level of patient comfort.

More about our Clinitex® R104 washcloths?

Techtex Wipes and Healthcare supplies customers with a wide variety of products that are ideal for care homes and hospitals that routinely use macerator machines.

Our Clinitex® R104 washcloths are a particularly popular choice due to their user-friendliness and versatility, in terms of both use and disposal.

These over-all body wash cloths, part of our dry-wipe range, are ideal for frequent washing and drying of patients who require a high level of continence care. Wonderfully soft on the skin but strong enough to be used wet, in conjunction with our range of skin-cleansing products, our absorbent Clinitex® R104 washcloths come with the added benefit of being maceratable.

Why are the Clinitex® R104 washcloths the right choice for me?

Our Clinitex® R104 washcloths come in affordable packs of 50, with 28 packs to a case so that you’ll always have one to hand.

Soft on patients’ skin, these washcloths are specifically designed for an all-over cleanse. Extra-absorbent, they offer an effective clean, doing the same job with one wipe that you might need several lower quality dry-wipes to achieve.

The Clinitex® R104 washcloths can be disposed of together with pulp bedpans, offering you a significant reduction in the risk of infection and cross contamination between patients.

And, because the wipes are biodegradable and macerator-friendly, there’s no need to worry about expensive malfunctions with your macerator: our products won’t clog or wear down your equipment like cheaper versions might.

What can the Clinitex® R104 washcloths be used for?

The Clinitex® R104 washcloth is a flexible dry wipe product designed for a gentle but thorough all-over cleanse. From bed baths to simple hand and face cleaning, the washcloth can be used with Clinitex Skin Cleansing Foam, or simple soap and water before being thrown away and safely disposed of in your macerator.

Want to know more about our Clinitex® R104 washcloths?

When it comes to finding a cost-effective, high quality wipes manufacturer UK healthcare professionals and their patients are in safe hands with Techtex Wipes and Healthcare Supplies. Our Clinitex® range contains all the great products you’ll need for patient cleansing and continence care, not to mention skin-care, sanitation and janitorial supplies.

For more information on our Clinitex® R104 washcloths or any of our other products, contact Techtex today – one of our helpful customer care staff will be happy to advise.

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