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Make the moist of our Clinitex® R302 flushaway wipes!

Posted on 27th Jun, 2014 in Wet wipes by John Smith Tags:

R302 Flushaway wet wipes

It’s time to take a closer look at another one of our great products: this time, we’re getting up close and personal with the R302 moist flushaway wipes – a multi-purpose wipe from our Clinitex® range that’s a popular pick with a wide variety of healthcare professionals.

More about our R302 Moist Flushaway Wipes…

Available in cases of eight, with 50 wipes per pack, the R302 moist flushaway wipes are soft, pre-moistened wipes that are ideal for gentle but thorough cleansing, and hygienic, convenient disposal.

Because the single-use R302 wetwipes are safe to flush, there’s no need to add them the sluice or macerator, helping you to make significant savings on money and energy, and allowing your staff to get on with their job without any extra hassle.

Why choose the R302 Moist Flushaway Wipes?

When you work an industry as important as healthcare, it’s vital that you have the right tools for the job. Patient comfort is a top priority to our clients, and that makes it a top priority for us here at Techtex Wipes and Healthcare.

The R302 moist flushaway wipes are:

• Quality single-use wetwipes

• Safe and easy to flush

• Impregnated with a pH balanced formula

• Enriched with added emollients to moisturise and promote healthy skin

• Dermatologically tested.

• Alcohol, lanolin and paraben free.

• Supplied in an easy to use re-sealable poly pack to prevent them drying out

Is the R302 Moist Flushaway Wipe right for your organisation?

The R302 Moist Flushaway Wipe is one of our most flexible wetwipes. Suitable for patients and carers alike, these wipes offer a quick solution to skin cleansing in the absence of washing facilities – or when patient mobility is compromised.

Ideal, too, for freshening up the hands and face, these disposable wipes promote clean, healthy skin, and help to prevent cross-contamination – they can be flushed straight after use for swift and safe disposal.

Find out more about our range of wetwipes to decide if the R302 is the right option for you.

The best products from a wipes manufacturer UK professionals can trust

Here at Techtex Wipes and Healthcare, we pride ourselves on our wide range of affordable and quality products that are tailored to the needs of busy healthcare professionals. Because we’re a leading specialist wipes manufacturer UK organisations can be sure of receiving not only the best quality wares, but also a great level of customer service.

For more information on our products or services please call a friendly member of our customer care team today on +44 (0)161 643 3000. We’ll be happy to advise on the products that are best for you and your clients.

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