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Make savings with our coolant filtration solutions

Posted on 1st Dec, 2014 in Nonwovens by John Smith Tags:


When you’re looking for a high quality solution for coolant filtration, the advantages of Techtex needlefelt fabric cannot be dismissed. The non-woven fabric, designed specifically with coolant filtration in mind, provides high wet strength, lightweight, good chemical resistance at an extremely reasonably cost.

The Techtex solution: Needlefelt fabric

Our needlefelt fabric is a unique filter fabric that has high tensile strength and low elongation. Combined, this offers you improved filtration performance. The fabric is perfect for car engine plants or heavy-duty metal works looking for an environmentally friendly solution for filtering coolant.

The needlefelt fabric can filter even the finest amount of dirt or metal – leaving you with high levels of cleanliness and low media usage. In fact, the fabric lasts four times as long as polypropylene – which would be your typical alternative – meaning in the long term, the slightly higher cost of needlefelt fabric certainly pays off!

Not only does the fabric perform well, it also helps companies meet their green targets. It’s manufactured from recycled fibres derived from waste plastic drinks bottles that would otherwise be sent for disposal. Reusing these bottles is great for the environment.

Benefits of our needlefelt fabric:

Made from 95% recycled PET fibre
Up to 50% more cost effective than some existing produce
Offers reduced usage, cost and disposal
Is green and good for the environment

How can needlefelt fabric help the heavy duty and automotive industry?

Techtex machine-made needlefelts have been designed to offer you easy and effective filtration. The media tightens whilst the coolant flows through it to prevent even the tiniest of metal particles from filtering through.

Using our needlefelt fabric on the coolant systems in your engine manufacturing plants significantly improves the cleanliness of the coolant. The fabric also lasts much longer than other filters, which aren’t so robust or as environmentally friendly. In turn, this reduces the environmental problem of filter media disposal.

Choose fabrics from a world-class company

Techtex specialise in a number of fabrics – so you can guarantee that we have the technical expertise to provide you with the right fabric for the job. Our innovation and high quality products are the key to our success and have allowed us to become approved suppliers to various world-class organisations in the healthcare, automotive, retail, aerospace, food and electronics industries.

Like most of our products, Techtex needlefelt fabrics come in a wide variety of efficiencies and strength, suitable for almost any air and liquid filtration application. Sometimes it can be hard to determine which type is most suitable for you, but whatever fabric you’re after, you can count on Techtex to source the most appropriate solution for you. If you need help deciding on the right needlefelt fabric for the job, our expert team will be able more than happy to assist you. You can contact them today on 0161 643 3000

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