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Managing your cleanroom: The dos and don’ts

Posted on 23rd Oct, 2014 in Cleanroom by John Smith

Cleanroom do's and don'ts

Keeping cleanrooms clean and free of contamination is of uttermost importance. The specially designed rooms are typically used in manufacturing or scientific research and have low levels of environmental pollutants.

The air supply, air distribution, filtration of air supply, materials of construction and operating procedures are all regulated to control airborne particle concentrations to ensure they meet appropriate levels of cleanliness. Each cleanroom will be different and have its own set of rules for entering, but the same principle applies to all – the need to prevent contamination.

Cleanroom Dos

  • Only allow authorised people into the room.
  • Know what class of cleanroom you’re entering and act accordingly.
  • Only take what’s necessary into the cleanroom, everything you bring in carries a risk and only dedicated tools should be brought in.
  • Wear the appropriate cleanroom clothing – people are the biggest source of contamination in these places. Gloves, caps and smocks are common; sometimes you may be required to wear a full cleanroom suit though.
  • Maintain good airflow management in the room at all times.
  • Be discrete in coughing, sneezing and blowing your nose, if you can, move to the service area or gowning room if you need to do any of these things.
  • Keep cleanroom protocol in mind whenever you work within one and correctly wipe down any equipment you bring in.

Cleanroom Don’ts

  • Do not let untrained people into the cleanroom, just one error can make a big impact on the environment.
  • Do not wear cosmetics, hair spray, perfumes or aftershave into a cleanroom.
  • Blueprints, operation manuals or instruction sheets cannot be taken into a cleanroom.
  • Do not open the door to the cleanroom for communication, or passing of products back and forth. Use the pass-through instead.
  • Do not use the pass-through for storage.
  • Do not congregate. Any rapid, sudden or jerky movements can shed many particles.

Techtex: Keeping your cleanroom free from contamination

At Techtex, we have a number of products specifically designed and approved for cleanrooms. We can supply sterile or non-sterile wipes to any cleanroom client, typically in vacuum-sealed cleanroom bags to ensure the highest level of protection against contamination during transport.

Our product range includes Class 100 compatible cleanroom wipes, made from durable lint-free materials. The wipes are extremely durable and highly absorbent and an ideal cleanroom staple. We also offer Class 100 compatible wet wipe pouches and low lint cleanroom wipes, which too are made from lint-free materials, are durable and absorbent.

Techtex have over 10 years experience of making quality wipes for cleanroom and critical contamination control, so you can be assured of a product that works and meets each and everyone of your requirements.

Want to find out more about our cleanroom products? If so, give us a call. Our expert team will be able more than happy to assist you. You can contact them today on 0161 643 3000

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