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REVIEW: Alcohol free wipes – Clinitex Target

Posted on 8th Jan, 2015 in Wet wipes by John Smith Tags:

Clinitex Target alcohol free wipes

It’s time for another review here on the Techtex blog, and today we’re taking a look at one of our speciality surface wipes – Clinitex Target.

We all know that keeping healthcare environments clean and free from infection is of uttermost importance. Regularly maintaining surfaces through the use of quality, alcohol free wipes is just one simple and easy way this can be done.

Currently, the market provides us with a variety of options, all which have their benefits and drawbacks. But our Clinitex Target alcohol free wipes have proven to meet cleanliness requirements in a number of healthcare industries.

Clinitex Target: What to expect

Clinitex Target contains a complex range of biocides formulated to target a broad spectrum of microorganisms commonly found in healthcare environments. The multi surface wipes target infection and disinfect with just one wipe – it really is that easy!

The wipes pack a lot of punch and remove the need for multiple products. They can clean, sanitise and dry without the use of anything else. What’s more, the disposable wipes also eliminate the risk of cross contamination – something that can be hard to monitor with cloths, sponges and other cleaning products.

Clinitex Target are also fragrance, alcohol and chlorine free, ensuring they’re an inoffensive product to use in your environment and kind to your skin too. The pH neutral formulation means they can be used on mattresses, tables, chairs, doors, handles, trolleys and much more.

Three advantages of alcohol free wipes

  • With high alcohol content comes extreme flammability. In environments where there may be flames, alcohol free wipes are the best choice, preventing serious injury or damage.
  • The wipes are much easier on the hands and skin
  • Unlike alcohol-based wipes, which stop killing bacteria once a surface has dried, non-alcoholic wipes continue to provide protection for some time after.

You can purchase the Clinitex Target multi surface disinfectant wipes in buckets, filled with 225 pre-moistened wipes, ready for you to use for all your disinfecting needs.

Clinitex: Brand leaders in skin and surface wipes

Like all our products, Clinitex Target wipes have been developed to the best possible quality for the market. Our reputation has meant we’re now the leading suppliers of wipes to a number of world-class organisations in the healthcare, retail and food industries.

You can browse our full range of surface wipes online, ranging from detergent wipes, for general cleaning and dusting; food processing wipes, particularly designed for the food industry; maxi pro wipes, for heavy duty, industrial environments, to alcoholic wipes, which are extremely effective against a wipe range of common bacteria.

For more information on anything within our product range, or to ask us about our tailored services, please give us a call today on 0161 643 3000 or email us on

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