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REVIEW: Clinitex hand sanitising wipes and gels

Posted on 30th Jul, 2014 in Sanitising by John Smith Tags:

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Scrupulous hygiene standards and frequent cleansing are an essential part of keeping healthcare organisations safe for staff, visitors and patients. Here at Techtex Wipes and Healthcare, we’ve got a range of hand sanitising wipes and gels to suit every need.

Why choose Clinitex hand sanitising wipes and gels?

In 2012, the British Medical Journal reported that a four-year study linked the increased use of soap and alcohol hand rub in hospitals with a significant drop in the rate of superbug infections.

Clinitex hand sanitising wipes and gels are an excellent way to safeguard staff, patients and visitors to your organisation against illness and cross-contamination. Tested against a broad spectrum of bacteria, our hand sanitising wipes range is ideal for the quick and effective disinfection of hands, surfaces and equipment.

A 2010 study by the American Society for Microbiology found that ethanol-based hand sanitisers – like Clinitex hand sanitising wipes and gels – were an effective way to eliminate rhinovirus, which causes the common cold, with sanitised hands remaining disinfected for approximately four hours.

Likewise, further studies by the ASM found that ethanol-based hand sanitising wipes are an effective way to prevent the transmission of highly contagious and potentially deadly viruses including rotavirus, poliovirus, and norovirus after just 30 seconds of exposure, while other alcohol-based sanitisers eliminated only human rotavirus. Ethanol hand sanitizer gels can also kill vegetative bacteria, fungi and enveloped viruses, making them the recommended choice for healthcare professionals.

Clinitex® hand sanitising gels

Our professional standard alcohol hand gels are ideal for general cleansing in high traffic areas of hospitals, care homes and other healthcare environments. Our hand sanitising gel:

  • Contains 70% denatured ethanol
  • Cares for hands with added emollient
  • Conforms to European Standards EN 1500 and EN 1276

Our aim is to make hygiene as quick and easy as possible. Our pump dispenser is also available with a wall-mounted bracket to help encourage staff and visitors to cleanse their hands as they pass.

Clinitex® R320 Hand and Surface Wet Wipes

Effective against 99.9% of bacteria, Clintex® wet wipes are a quick, convenient and thorough way to prevent the spread of bacteria and remove dirt. Our biocidal hand and surface wipes are ideal for quick clean-ups after contact with:

  • Staff members, patients and visitors
  • High traffic areas of your premises
  • Food areas
  • Dirt and grease
  • Everyday mess

Strong, white sanitising wipes suitable for use on hands and surfaces. With an added emollient formula, our alcohol-free antibacterial hand wipes are formulated to be tough on bacteria but soft on skin. Tested to European Standard EN 1276, our wipes are independently tested for your peace of mind

Find out more about clinitex hand sanitising wipes and gels

Our range of hand sanitising wipes and gels is ideal for busy healthcare organisations with the highest level of hygiene standards. Available in a range of sizes – and with wall brackets also available – our hand sanitising solutions are a quick, thorough and cost-effective way to combat the spread of illness in your organisation.

To find out more about Clinitex hand sanitising wipes and gels, contact Techtex Wipes and Healthcare today.

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