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Techtex beat challenges to design top filtration material

Posted on 20th Nov, 2014 in Nonwovens by John Smith


At Techtex, we’re regularly asked by clients from a wide variety of industries to develop solutions to meet their bespoke requirements and challenges. For years we have been at the forefront of industrial fabrics, using our scientific expertise and state-of-the-art technology to create an extensive range of bespoke and useful materials for hundreds of different application types.

We’ve been asked to develop solutions for industries ranging from horticulture right through to civil engineering, and never fail to deliver a product that fits.

Case Study

One of our most recent challenges was in the space of filtration. Our client asked us to develop a solution for a non-woven fabric with good, high air permeability for a specialist filtration application they were planning on using. One of the main challenges involved sourcing the correct manufacturers for the fabric, and after extensive trialling we were able to secure the product required from a Turkey-based manufacturer.

Our success in the face of such a challenge was down to our expertise and knowledge in this sector. Techtex have a great understanding of what makes a good fabric and are aware of many of the best manufacturers in the world. This gives us a real competitive edge when it comes to sourcing the right product and solution for a customer’s needs. In fact, with our expertise, modern machinery and services, we doubt our capacity to convert materials under one roof can be matched anywhere else!

Why choose Techtex for your filtration requirements?

Techtex has extensive experience in liquid filtration and air filtration and have become major suppliers of filer media fabrics for coolant filtration. As filtration is vital to so many applications and industries we’ve been able to develop a wide range of solutions over the years. Our solutions have included filtration material for the food and drinks industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and for use with hydraulic oils, fuels and acids. The contaminant to be filtered can be almost anything, our products are designed to deal with whatever the problem– whether it be dust filtration, water filtration, chemical filtration or steam filtration.

Designing the right filtration solution for your company

Some of our products and solutions for filtration issues include wet laid products, chemical bonded fabrics, Spunbonded fabrics, Needlefelts and composite technologies such as SMS and surface coatings. We can enhance any of these fabrics with features like flame retardance, in-built elasticity or ultraviolet stabilisation; the final design being determined by the clients’ needs. As in the case above, and our previous case study on coolant filtration, we work with each client closely to come up with the most suitable media for their application, to give them the competitive edge.

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