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The importance of dry patient wipes in hospitals

Posted on 8th May, 2014 in Dry wipes by John Smith Tags:

The importance of dry patient wipes in hospitals

When patients arrive at a hospital or a medical centre to receive treatment, the last thing they want or need is to be exposed to additional problems caused or exacerbated by inadequate hygiene standards at the institution.In a recent report, NHS watchdog, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), stated that hospitals should be doing more to protect patients from developing infections.

To some extent, curbing the level of infections is a question of training; however, hospital staff also need the right products for the job.

When it comes to quality anti-contamination products, there are lots to choose from, including the R100 Standard dry patient wipes from Clintex – one of the UK’s most trusted wipes manufacturers.

What are R100 Standard dry patient wipes?

These easy-to-use wipes are designed to avoid cross-contamination between patients. And they’re not just highly effective, either: despite their efficacy, they’re incredibly soft and designed to limit skin irritation.

Of Clintex’s wide range of products, the R100 Standard is the most economical dry patient wipe for everyday use thanks to its affordable price point and disposal packets.

The R100 Standard wipes are also very strong, and won’t rip or tear easily. And while these are standard size patient wipes from the Clintex range, there are also larger sizes available if needed.

For a reliable wipes manufacturer UK customers are safe with Clintex…

Although a hospital or medical centre’s prime concern is the health and wellbeing of patients, other considerations such as running costs, productivity and sustainability need to be kept firmly in check.

Thankfully, Clintex’s products can provide assistance with these issues.

  • Prevent infection – Compared to other disinfectants such as thermal washers for reusable items, single-use dry patient wipes can prevent diseases and viruses from spreading by breaking the chain.
  • Low cost – Clintex’s R100 Standard dry patient wipes are less expensive to buy, use and maintain than re-useable sanitisation systems. Their disposable nature reduces the amount of time nurses spend with patients, and cuts the risk of infections, which can lead to costly lawsuits.
  • Increase productivity – Dry wipes are quick and easy to use, allowing doctors and nurses to move from patient to patient with greater ease. They can also help improve working conditions by contributing to a healthy environment and increasing patient dignity, as other cleaning procedures are no longer required.
  • Eco-friendly – Compared to sanitation and disinfectant systems that require energy and water, dry patient wipes have a lower environmental impact. As a result, costly overheads might also come down too.

What can the R100 Standard dry wipes be used for?

When looking for a cost-effective and versatile wipes manufacturer UK customers are in safe hands with Clintex. The brand’s R100 Standard dry wipes are suitable for a variety of tasks, from hand and face cleaning to patient cleansing and drying. The wipes can be used in hospitals, heath centres, doctors’ surgeries, nursing homes and other medical institutions.

Clintex R100 Standard dry wipes are complemented by Clintex’s cleansing foams and alcoholic hand gels, which provide the best infection protection solutions possible compared to alternative wipes manufacturers in the UK.

For more information on these or any other products, contact Techtex today – one of our helpful customer care colleagues will be happy to advise.

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