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Top-notch products for the landscaping and horticulture industry

Posted on 11th Sep, 2014 in Nonwovens by John Smith Tags:

landscaping and horticulture

Looking for quality fabrics to make your working life that little bit easier? How about a fabric to prevent weeds if you work in the gardening industry; or a fabric for effective filtration for those of you who work in the automotive industry?

A leading reputation in industry

Techtex don’t just specialise in products for the healthcare sector; we’re also renowned for our hardwearing fabrics for the industrial sector. We’re one of the leading fabric manufacturers that industry turn to when they need to be sure of product quality. So with this in mind, we’ll be reviewing what quality products we have on offer for those working in the landscaping and horticulture industry.

Garden fabrics

One of our most popular products for this industry is our landscaping, garden fabric. The fabrics are available in both a woven and non-woven style and come in a range of roll sizes.

So what are the benefits of Techtex landscaping fabric?

– Only water and nutrients will be able to get through to your plants, ensuring that everything you have planted grow at its best
– Weeds are suppressed
– Helps keep the ground moist – even in extreme temperatures
– Reduces the need to water plants

Our woven fabrics in particular are well suited to professional landscaping work. The heavy-duty fabrics are of extremely high quality and have five times the tensile strength of an equally weighted spun bonded fabric. It’s the perfect fabric choice for uses such as weed control under gravel, or for the prevention of tree root growth.

Plant protection

Another one of our top products for the landscaping and horticulture industry is our building and DIY plastic. This is great for using as a temporary shield against the elements. It also keeps insects and pests off vegetables and plants, which too can ruin your yield.

With the cooler seasons on their way, we’ve also seen a rise in orders for our popular frost protection fleece. This lightweight garden fleece has been specifically designed to protect plants from frosts. It can be ordered in either roll format or handy pack format.

DIY wipes

For everyday gardening and DIY, you may found our multi-purpose gardening and DIY wipes useful. They’re ideal for most construction and DIY applications and help to provide rapid removal of paint, sealants, grease and dirt without the need for water or scrubbing. What’s more, our disposable wipes are pre-cut to convenient sizes, are available in compact packaging, ready folded, are strong in wet conditions and perform well in tough applications.

Something for all your landscaping and horticulture needs

These are just a few of our favourites from our large range of landscaping and horticulture products. You can read about a few more of our popular products here, or give us a call on 0161 643 3000 to discuss your needs and what we may have available to help you.

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