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Working with Techtex: A recent case study

Posted on 30th Oct, 2014 in Nonwovens by John Smith

Working with Techtex

At Techtex we’re continually working to produce revolutionary new products for the healthcare industry – through our latest research and by teaming with top healthcare companies to meet their requirements. Two of our newest products were developed in conjunction with two healthcare companies who had approached us to help them increase their customer base.

Why Techtex?

Having worked with both companies in the past, we were known as a trusted supplier. The teams knew could draw on our wealth of experience, knowledge and research to obtain exactly what they were looking for at the right price. Our innovation and high quality products are well known across the healthcare industry and are the key to our success. They have allowed us to become approved suppliers to various world-class organisations.

The project

We began working with both healthcare companies in 2011, obtaining and sampling various different types of nonwoven fabric that would be of interest to their needs. Whilst we already knew a lot about the fabrics, we still needed to test various properties to ensure the fabrics fit with the customer brief.

After consultation with Techtex, the companies were able to choose the best and most appropriate material for their needs. In fact, they both choose the same material but needed it for different uses – hence we had slightly different obstacles to overcome with each customer, despite working with the same fabric.

Soft nonwoven fabrics were chosen as they could be dyed to the companies’ preferred colours and could be treated to ensure that they would be water repellent. Of course, a number of our suppliers supplied this fabric so it was up to us to pick the best one to meet our customer needs. We needed a supplier who could provide the best flexibility and service at the best price.

Once we’d sourced our supplier, we were able to get on with the real experimentation – fabric trials. For both customers, the softness and water repellence treatment was crucial, but each had different colour requirements. One of the customers also had more problems welding the product on their machines than the other. Therefore the process and progress was going to be different for each.

Progress: Where are we now?

Customer A has had two trial lots manufactured to get exactly the correct handle and colour. They decided to have the product finished in a slightly different way that improves the appearance and consistency of the fabric. This has taken several lab trials to achieve.

Customer B, on the other hand, has had more trials than Customer A as we have had to include varying amounts of special low melt fibre in an attempt to assist the welding process. In the end, it has taken some adjustment of their own machinery to make it work.

A new range in the pipeline

Customer A has just taken delivery of their second trial and plan to use this material to launch a new range in the new year. If the trial works, then orders could follow.

Customer B still has some fundamental machinery alterations to process but has plans to change over some existing products and effectively re-launch as a new range around next summer.

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