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Maxipro promises strong performance
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Maxipro promises strong performance

The industrial wipes market has been strengthened with the launch of a new range of products...




Techtex is committed to protection of the environment and is approved under BS EN ISO 14001.

In the meanwhile, we already comply with key legislation such as:

  • The EU Biocide Directive.
  • Registration under the General Industry Charge for Biocidal Products.
  • Packaging Waste Regulations (1997).

We also take many practical and commercial steps to ensure the environmental impact of our activities are sustainable. Just a few examples are:

  • In-house audit of energy use to reduce costs and usage.
  • UK sourcing of raw materials wherever possible to reduce transportation impact.
  • Recycling of paper / board packaging and pallets.
  • Development of more environmentally friendly products such as Infiltra® NF130G and Clinitex® Pure.
  • Quote ex-works pricing so customers can “back-fill” vehicles delivering their products in the area.

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