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Whenever you ride in an automobile, plane, train or bus, nonwoven fabrics are found all around you.

Whether it’s for air filter, seats, tyre reinforcement, floor mats or the lining in the boot of a car, they are all, in part, made from nonwoven fabric.

Offering many advantages in the automotive market, nonwovens fabrics are essential for reinforcement, protection from wear and tear and effective filtration, which are demanded by modern drivers.

Techtex Industrial offers a broad range of cost effective nonwoven fabrics for the automotive industry, with the capability to meet almost any customer requirement.

Fabric ranges and technical expertise include spunbonded Polypropylene and Polyester, carded dry-laid nonwovens (thermally and chemically bonded), needlefelts, airlaid paper, hydroentangled spunlace and laminates.

Known for their excellent durability and long lifespan, Techtex Industrial’s non woven fabrics are highly acclaimed by both national and international clients.

Specialists in filtration

Techtex Industrial has extensive experience in liquid and air filtration applications and is a major supplier of filter media fabrics for liquid coolant filtration to the automotive and engineering industries.

Filtration products from TechTex Industrial include wet laid products, chemical bonded fabrics, spunbonded Polyester and Polypropylene fabrics, through air-bonded fabrics, meltblowns, Glass Fibre and Polyester needlefelts and composite technologies such as SMS and surface.

Non-woven fabrics are used in:

  • Car covers
  • Floor carpets
  • Insulation felt
  • Seat cover fabrics
  • Foam support fabric
  • Shelf tray
  • Door trims
  • Acoustic filtration

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