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Filtration is vital to hundreds of applications and industry experts know that non woven media is one of the best materials to use. Ranging from use in food, drink and pharmaceutical to hydraulic oils, fuels, solvents and acids, every application has a different contaminant that must be removed.

Techtex Industrial has extensive experience in liquid filtration and air filtration applications and is major supplier of filer media fabrics for coolant filtration. Working with you to come up with the most suitable media for your application, the company can produce media which is uniquely advantageous to your application.

Filtration varies by materials of construction, processing method and performance characteristics. The company’s broad range of products incorporates most of the nonwoven textile technologies used by the filtration industry.

All products are sourced and customised to meet industry-specific requirements, often leading the way in new lines and improved product performance.

Dust filtration

  • Ideal for both domestic and industrial vacuum cleaner applications, either for dust collection or for motor protection.
  • Exhibiting high filtration efficiencies and mechanical strength, these products can be easily cleaned and reused, and are therefore very cost effective.

Water filtration

  • The preferred choice to retain activated carbon for water filtration applications.
  • Ideal for both domestic, ‘under the sink’ products and for industrial applications.

Chemical filtration

  • Perfect for wide range of chemical filtration applications.
  • Resistant to many organic solvents, high temperature and aggressive chemicals
  • Found in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and chemical industries.

Steam filtration

  • Excellent for steam filters, used in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries.

Techtex filtration products

  • Wet laid products
  • Chemical bonded fabrics
  • Spunbonded fabrics (Polyester & Polypropylene),
  • ASir-bonded fabrics
  • Meltblowns
  • Needlefelts (Glass Fibre and Polyester)
  • Composite technologies such as SMS and surface coatings

Features include hydrophobic, hydrophilic, antistatic and antimicrobial surface treatments, plus ultraviolet stabilisation, flame retardant finishes, resin coating or in-built elasticity.

Outside of the UK and Ireland, the company uses the brand name Infiltra for its range of coolant filtration products sold into automotive and heavy engineering applications.


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