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Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning

Industrialisation has led to an increase in the demand of wipes globally. In industry, choosing the right dry or wet wipes for the job can make a huge difference in terms of performance, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Convenient, disposable dry and wet wipes are now widely recognised as a preferable alternative to rags. For industrial applications, Techtex tough non woven materials are the best choice for high performance and versatility.

In contrast, rags are less absorbent and laundered cloths often smear instead of absorbing.

Advantages of Techtex disposable wipes:

  • Clean, fresh and pre-cut to convenient sizes
  • Higher levels of convenience and mobility
  • Available in compact packaging and ready-folded
  • Consistently clean and absorbent
  • No danger of cross contamination
  • Strong in wet conditions
  • Multi-layered types for extra absorbency
  • High performance in tough applications

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