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Landscaping & Horticulture

Landscaping & Horticulture

From outdoor DIY to the construction industry, Techtex Industrial endeavours to make your life easier by supplying fabrics for everything from protecting surfaces from the elements to the prevention of weeds.

Techtex Industrial is one of the largest independent non woven and industrial textiles companies in the UK and has developed a comprehensive range of lightweight fabrics and film for construction, ground stabilsation, weed control and DIY gardening applications.

With Techtex Industrial, the challenging task of growing an outdoor paradise or shielding materials from the elements is simple.

Landscaping fabric, available in both woven and non woven, only lets water and nutrients through to your plants, whilst suppressing the growth of nasty unwanted weeds.

It also helps to keep the ground moist and protects from extreme temperatures, whilst reducing the need for watering of plants.

Woven landscaping fabric is ideal for use under decorative gravel, bark, patios, driveways and decking.

Techtex offers great deals on a complete range of fabrics, available in a huge range of roll sizes.

Products include:

Building and DIY plastics: Including damp proof membranes for use in concrete flooring and clear plastic for use as a temporary shield against the elements.

Landscaping fabrics: Weed control and weed suppression, we offer various grades for professionals and DIY applications, Bulk roll and mini roll formats.

Frost protection fleece: A lightweight garden fleece, specifically designed to protect plants from frosts, in rolls and handy pack formats.

Ground stabilisation fabric: Separation membrane for civil engineering applications. Bulk roll DIY mini roll and handy pack formats.

Multi-purpose gardening and DIY wipes: Ideal for most construction and DIY applications the wipes provide rapid removal of most types of paint, sealants, grease and dirt, from hands, hard surfaces and tools without the need for water or scrubbing.

Polythene products: Techtex can supply the full range of popular damp proof membrane and TPS polythenes, along with a range of handy packs.


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