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Less is definitely more!

26th Jun 2013

The team at Techtex has long recognised its environmental responsibility and is currently working towards achieving the stringent ISO 14001 accreditation by the end of 2013.

To do so requires a focussed approach and concerted effort across the business from a desire by our sales people to promote sustainable products right through to efficient manufacturing, waste reduction and energy conservation in our factory. The results have been startling with the following having been achieved;

50% reduction in waste sent to landfill. To do this we are now sending most waste polythene and cardboard for recycling and most waste fabric to a local Animal Rescue centre where its used for ‘pet bedding’.

Following work done with the Carbon Trust who carried out a full energy survey with us, the factory and offices now have zoned lighting and power supply which means we only light and power up certain areas when necessary. For instance, during the night shifts, only the areas in operation are lit and when toilets and kitchen are unoccupied, the lights are set to go out automatically. These initiatives have resulted in a significant reduction in electricity and a significant reduction in our overall energy costs.

Our environmental commitment isn't just focused on operations. We have sustainable products too - ask about our NF130G Infiltra needlefelt; an effiecient coolant filtration media made from recycled fibre.


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