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Glass Fibre

Effective, high temperature protective filtration fabric

When it comes to filtration, Techtex does it all, and can provide glass fibre filtration specific to your industry.

As a leader in air and liquid filtration solutions, Techtex provides high quality glass fibre filters, ideal for dust filtration in most industries. Techtex offers a wide range of glass fibre filtration materials from 45% to 95% efficiency.

Often used to protect more expensive membrane filters and for filtering liquid with high dirt content, glass fibre filters combine excellent throughput and absolute retention.

Techtex is often able to install multi-stage filters allowing a pre-filter to be used to save the more expensive main filter. Glass fibre fabric filter cloth is perfect for high temperatures between 150℃ and 260℃.

Made from extremely fine fibres of glass, glass fibre is one of the strongest textile fibres, having greater specific tensile strength than steel wire of the same diameter, at a lower weight.

It is resistant to high temperature and corrosion.

Techtex Glass Fabric is:

  • Perfect for protecting expensive filters and filtering liquid with high dirt content.
  • Stiff and strong in tension and compression.
  • Fantastic for areas operating at high temperatures – between 150℃ and 260℃.
  • Can be precisely controlled.

Filtration fabrics available:

  • G45 - 45% efficiency
  • G65 – 65% efficiency
  • G85 – 85% efficiency
  • G95  - 95% efficiency

Efficiency levels tested by filtering ashtray dust.


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