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Infiltra® Filtration

Techtex Industrial supplies high quality filter media and non woven filter media support fabrics throughout the UK and Europe. Outside of the UK and Ireland, the company uses the brand name Infiltra® for its range of coolant filtration products sold into automotive and heavy engineering applications.

The company’s broad range of products incorporates most of the proprietary nonwoven textile technologies used by the filtration industry. These include wet laid products, chemical bonded fabrics, spunbonded fabrics (Polyester & Polypropylene), through air-bonded fabrics, meltblowns, needlefelts (Glass Fibre and Polyester) and composite technologies such as SMS and surface coatings.

Further features include hydrophobic, hydrophilic, antistatic and antimicrobial surface treatments, plus ultraviolet stabilisation, flame retardant finishes, resin coating or in-built elasticity.

All products are sourced and customised to meet industry-specific requirements, often leading the way in new lines and improved product performance.

We work closely with specialist filter roll distributors and manufacturers of cartridge filters and panel filters. As a result, we have been successful in developing filter fabrics that are both more filtration efficient and more cost effective. As they say in the filtration industry – ‘good filtration needn’t be expensive, but poor filtration most certainly is’.


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