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Laminates & Coatings

Techtex Industrial offers a full range of laminated materials which comprise two or more layers of fabric bonded together with an added adhesive for extra strength. Fom carpet backing and underlay to linings for boots and slippers, we have the colour, quality and design to meet your needs.

Techtex Industrial, for instance, is the ideal partner for any shoe manufacturer. We have a wealth of experience from working with the footwear industry and can provide linings, laminated outer boot coatings, fabrics for slippers and pre-laminated materials for insoles. Materials are processed with accurate control mechanisms, which meet client specifications perfectly. Techtex lamination uses the very latest, fully integrated system for coating and lamination materials.

Why choose Techtex?

  • Cost effective coatings
  • Fast and efficient lamination
  • Versatile range of materials
  • In line printing options
  • Quality assured products
  • Environmentally friendly processes
  • Technical support and advice

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