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Ultra effective, high volume and durable vacuum filtration

Filter even the finest dirt with Techtex needlefelt products.

Needlefelts are perfect when you need to filter fine dirt, for high levels of cleanliness and low media usage. Needle felting fuses another layer of fibre onto a base fibre or felted fabric.

Although needlefelt products initially cost more than polypropylene, they will last four times as long, meaning they actually cost a lot less in long term. The choice of the appropriate filter media for any given application is quite complex and can be daunting.

Techtex needlefelt products come in a wide variety of efficiencies and strength for almost any air and liquid filtration application.

Techtex specially made needlefelt

Techtex machine-made needlefelts are engineered to produce very specific characteristics for easy, effective filtration. The machines can produce various densities, tightening the media while coolant flows through it.

This removes larger particles on the upper surface and finer ones further within its structure, leading to enhanced durability and a much longer life.


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