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Spunbonded Polyester

Flexible, cost effective and stable non woven fabric

Techtex Industrial supplies 100% nonwoven spunbonded polyester for a diverse range of applications and industries. Polyester is the most versatile, most cost-effective and most widely used filter media for dust collection.

From home furnishings like bedspreads, carpet and furniture, to applications like healthcare, insulation and filtration, spunbonded polyester is perfect for any application where a flexible non woven is required.

It is strong, abrasion resistant can work up to 150°C and has good resistance to common acids, solvents and oxidising agents. It is also often supplied as the waterproof material and geo-textiles for construction industry and great insulator for the cable industry.

With its high temperature and age resistance as well as long lifespan, spunbonded polyester is an outstanding material. It retains its physical properties when wet and stays extremely stable during humidity changes.

This strong and light material resists moisture, staining and chemical attack; it is harmless to health and does not pollute the environment at any stage.

Converted to suit your specific application

Whatever your needs, Techtex Industrial can convert fabrics to your exact requirements. Spunbonded Polyester is a manufactured sheet of randomly orientated endless polyester.

This is one of the newer non woven technologies, and has received considerable attention since its initial introduction, because the product has met some important market needs.

Spunbonded polyester is a manufactured sheet of randomly orientated endless polyester.

Techtex Industrial’s polyester spunbonded fabrics are highly versatile and mains one of the largest stockists and distributors of technical industrial Nonwoven fabrics in Europe.

Techtex works in partnership with suppliers and customers alike and being wholly independent, we offer our customers’ the most appropriate fabric solution from the most appropriate supplier.


Air, Gas, Liquid and Vapour Fluid Filtration Media

Bed bases and Baby Cot Mattress Covers

Cushion Linings

Disposable Work-wear

Garden Weed Control


Headboard backing material

Hygiene products

Industrial Applications

Insulation Materials

Mattress Spring Pockets

Quilted Fabrics

Upholstery Linings


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