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Spunbonded Polyethylene

Strong, lightweight and cost effective non woven fabric

As a leading supplier of spunbonded polyethylene, Techtex Industrial offers a wealth of product and technology solutions, providing customers with greater opportunities for potential growth and success.

Polyethylene is widespread in the UK because the compound has physical characteristics that are considered safe and useful in a range of environments. With excellent chemical resistant, impact strength and electrical properties, as well as low water absorption, this tough and flexible material is ideal for food and non-toxic skin contact. It is also highly recyclable, which is why is it perfect for the medical industry.

Whether you demand reduced weight, increased strength, or faster processing, Techtex has the products and solutions that can satisfy the toughest of challenges.

Techtex industrial produces high quality spunbonded polyethylene for industries such as the medical and industrial cleaning industries.

Spunbonded polyethylene advantages:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy processing
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good impact strength
  • Excellent electrical properties
  • Good barrier properties
  • Low water absorption
  • Toughness and flexibility even at extremely low temperature
  • Safe for food contact and non-toxic for skin contact
  • Do not require pre-drying
  • Recyclable

Converted to suit your specific application

Whatever your needs, Techtex Industrial can convert fabrics to your exact requirements.

Spunbonded polyethylene is extruded down onto a moving conveyer belt. With a maximum width 3.2m, Techtex can slit down to 20mm tape. 15g all the way up to 150g rolls are stocked, ready conversion. Any colour can be made based on minimum order criteria.

The unique manufacturing process of spunbonded polyethylene involves continuous filaments of polyethylene being spun and then formed into a multi directionally arranged web. It is then heat-bonded at the crossover points.

This method combines polymer technology with nonwoven manufacturing expertise. It is also extensively used for packaging in laboratory and medical equipment as the material withstands conditions used to sterilise equipment.



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