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Cost effective, high temperature, biodegradable gravity filtration

Techtex understands the importance of finding the right filtration material for your application.

When a mixture is hot, saturated or volatile, gravity filtration is recommended. One of the best materials for this method is viscose, created from a combination of natural and man-made components to make rayon.

Techtex viscose filtration products are biodegradable, cost effective, can hold a high liquid capacity and are resistant to coolant continuants. Be aware, that viscose’s high absorbency means coolant may be depleted over time.

Use gravity filtration when:

  • Your mixture is hot (above room temperature)
  • Liquid is saturated with one or more reagents
  • The solvent very volatile (chloroform, alcohols, ether)

Grades available at Techtex

  • Low grade: 20g per square metre, effective filtration of approximately 50 micron.
  • Medium grade: 35g per square metre, effective filtration of approximately 35 micron.
  • High grade at 50g per square metre, effective filtration of approximately 20 - 25 micron.

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