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Heavy duty, durable landscaping fabric for professional use

Techtex expertise extends to producing many different types of fabrics. In addition to supplying non woven fabrics, we have a range of woven fabrics for commercial and professional use.

Techtex woven fabric, manufactured for landscaping and horticultural use, is of extremely high quality. The thickness of the fabric and tightness of the weave means a long lasting durable fabric.

This durable woven fabric has 5 times the tensile strength of an equal weight spun bonded fabric. Its unique open woven design lets water and nutrients through to your plants whilst suppressing the growth of weeds. It is suited for heavy duty applications, such as weed control under gravel or the prevention of tree root growth.

Manufactured from polypropylene, Techtex woven fabric provides strength and stiffness in two directions, resulting in excellent handling characteristics and good drape.

Woven reinforcements are the result of at least two threads which are interlaced at 0° (the warp) and 90° (the weft), with the weave style varied according to the performance.


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