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Low lint, cost effective non woven wipes

Engineers around the world use low lint non woven wipes for critical everyday tasks. Although rags have been the engineer’s cloth of choice for many years, technology has moved on.

Today, parts and components need to be wiped and cleaned in a more delicate and professional way than ever before. Low lint non woven wipes have become essential and are now an industry standard. Rags are generally less absorbent than non wovens, especially if they are made of a non cotton material laundered cloths.

Techtex hygienic wet and dry wipes are clean, fresh and cut to convenient sizes and shapes. They are always clean and absorbent with no danger of cross contamination.

The use of Techtex low lint, non woven wipes in the industry has increased dramatically because of their consistency, quality and cost effectiveness in the way they are made.


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