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Clinitex Wipes

Features and Benefits

  • Removes most paints, adhesives, sealants, silicones, resins, oils and grease, rapidly and effectively
  • Multi purpose wipes, suitable for use on hands, tools and hard surfaces
  • High performance cleaning action
  • No need for water; ideal for allotment and garden use
  • Foil sealed for guaranteed freshness
  • 80 pre-moistened wipes
Manufactured in UK
Product Code Description Format Wipe Qty
R800 Maxipro Standard Wipes Bucket 150 4 25 x 28
R801 Maxipro Abrasive Wipes Bucket 150 4 25 x 28
R900 Maxipro Pro Plus Wipes Bucket 150 4 25 x 28
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